Whether you require the replacement of a single glazing unit or a long-term maintenance contract, we have a number of different Facilities Management solutions to suit your business.

Long Term Maintenance & Support

A contract-based solution for long term support and on-call maintenance

Façade Refurbishment & Repairs

A comprehensive service including design and performance testing, for the refurbishment and repair of your existing glazed facades

Smaller Project Works & Upgrades

For small-scale, one-time projects including the upgrade and/or extension of your current glazing systems

Specialist Commercial Glass Replacements

Glazing replacements for a wide range of systems, including glass with high performance specifications. Including Pilkington Planar systems.


Bespoke Solutions for Every Business

Whether it’s curtain walling, windows and doors, glazed roofs or glass canopies, our long-term contracts can provide the peace of mind essential to the smooth running of your company or organisation.

The flexible maintenance and support contracts we offer can be tailored to your needs, whether you require preventative or reactive care, our team can find the best solution that works for you across a range of glazing systems.

Based in Newcastle under Lyme, our team are capable of quick callouts and rapid testing to find and solve any issues you may have with your architectural glazing.

Contact us to find out more about the bespoke packages we offer.



From small-scale repairs to the refurbishment of a full façade, our capability is comprehensive in regard to the needs of your curtain walling and other glazing systems.

Our team are able to assist you through the entire process, starting with a full assessment of the glazed facade and ending with providing the best solution which works for your business.

How it Works


The first step includes a skilled technical investigation of the existing glazed facade with thorough checks to identify any damaged elements of the glazing system, from mechanisms and individual gaskets to the glass itself.

We offer intrusive and non-intrusive surveys to gather as much information as possible on the best approach moving forward.


This information is then entered into our system so we can either carry out further testing or identify any components we may need to complete the repair.

Finding the Right Solution

We will then present our findings to you so that we can agree on the best solution moving forward, supported by honest and reliable advice from our team.

Once in agreement, we will carry out the repair as soon as possible so your business can get back to operating as normal.

Fill out one of our contact forms on the requirements for your building and we will get back to you with further information.

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There is a lot that can change within your business from first moving into your building to the present day, and this can lead to a need to update or extend the current glazing on your external facades.

The Bennett Facilities Management team can provide a wide range of upgrade options for your curtain walling, windows and doors to adhere to a number of high specifications with ease.

For further information, send our team an email with the details of your current legacy issues.


Securing Window


The Bennett Facilities Management team are specialists in commercial glass replacements across a wide range of systems, including fire rated aluminium windows and Pilkington Planar bolted glazing. We also provide full remediation and replacement services including an evaluation of the solar and thermal performance of your existing façade.

For further information on the expert guidance on compliance and risk reduction that the Bennett Facilities Management team can provide, visit our Contact Us page.